John Berry Founder, Chemz Ltd
“When I was approached over 20 years ago by Kiwi businesses desperate for a home-grown industrial aerosol range, I only had two guiding principles. Firstly, Chemz would provide the market with quality products. Secondly, I would continually innovate and work with industry to develop products that were actually needed.

These principles continue to drive our successful business model and allows Chemz to work closely with our industry partners and distributors to exceed market expectations with a 100% Kiwi owned company.”

John Berry
Founder, Chemz Ltd

Our Story

John Berry has been working in the petroleum industry for over 40 years. In the 1990’s his experience in the sector in both Australia and New Zealand enabled him to work with NZ distribution companies who were desperate for an alternative, quality aerosol company who didn’t lock them into significant trading restrictions.

In 2000, Chemix was born. John entered the market with a New Zealand first – a quality range of ‘3in1’ oil in an aerosol can. The market responded with gusto.

Chemix grew into Chemz, picked up pace and launched a suite of ‘first to market’ innovative products specifically designed for Kiwi businesses.

Fast forward over 20 years and Chemz has a range of over 60 market specific products including a full food grade range, automotive, industrial, electrical, marker sprays, sanitisers and a ‘nextgen’ collaboration as products are constantly refined and improved.

Chemz remains a 100% Kiwi family business, with John’s daughters Tiffany Berry and Prue Berry joining the company in late 2021 as directors and shareholders, adding value in the portfolios of governance, strategy, planning and finance.


  • Chemx - 2000
    CHEMIX incorporated by John Berry in Waipukurau, traded started in Takapau
  • Chemz and Blue Lube Launch 2002
    Name change to CHEMZ and 7 electrical products launched, including 'Blue Lube' in a distinctive 'first to market' squeeze bottle
  • Label Strip - 2004
    Range extended with 6 industrial products added, including 'Label Strip' the first product to neutralise adhesive
  • Havelock North Warehouse - 2005
    Relocated to custom office and warehouse premises in Havelock North. Added 7 automotive products to the growing CHEMZ range.
  • Garth Hogan Salt Flats - 2008
    Sponsored the Kiwi 'Hogan, Martin and Rea' team as they set a 193mph record at Bonneville Utah in a 1934 XF class Flathead Ford.
  • MX Moto Launch - 2012
    Launched motorcycle specific product rage MX MOTO - tailored for NZ conditions.
  • Degreaser launch - 2013
    Researched, produced and launched 'Grease Eater', the first bio-degradable degreaser made for the NZ market.
  • Food Grade Launch - 2015
    Expanded into the food grade product market with nine products meeting MPI, AsureQuality and NSF standards.
  • Whakatu Open - 2016
    Upgrade into a multi-million dollar purpose built office, manufacturing and warehousing facility at Whakatu.
  • P Cap Launch - 2019
    Increased focus on sustainable manufacturing with the use of 'p' caps on log marker sprays to minimise plastic waste in NZ forests.


Our People

At the heart of every great company are its people. Chemz have a great team working to bring you quality, innovation, product knowledge and amazing customer service.

Nigel Segedin

Nigel Segedin - Central Regional Manager

Nigel has a long and varied career in electrical sector, has owned his own businesses and has a passion for books, Royal Albert china and is training for his first half marathon. Nigel is a petrol head from way back and still has a keen interest in all things with wheels. Case in point, one of his first hot rods was featured in the New Zealand Hot Rod magazine in October 1984. With a surname like Segedin, yes, he is related to Segedin Truck and Auto Parts (STA Parts) in Auckland but we are lucky enough to have him looking after our business development portfolio and our Central North Island clients.
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Harold Wootten - Northern Regional Manager

Harold, a seasoned professional in the lubricants industry, has recently joined CHEMZ, bringing extensive expertise across automotive, heavy-duty, industrial, and food-grade lubricants. Known for his success as a competitor and car owner in various motorsport categories, particularly as a midget and sprint car driver, Harold now focuses on team management of the #17 Alastair Wootten C5 Corvette in Tranz Am Challenge Series events. Affectionately known as Harry or Hazza, Harold is a dedicated relationship builder, ensuring that whether you're family, friends, colleagues, or customers, you can trust that he will always give his best for you.
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Richard Bell - Southern Regional Manager

Richard is our southlander looking after the Chemz South Island customers. Richard has a background in supply chain logistics and project management, and enjoys building strong customer partnerships. He spends his free hours experiencing the best that Canterbury outdoors has to offer, and is the proud dad of a dog the size of a Shetland pony!
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Steph Adlam – Stock Planning

Steph Adlam – Stock Planning

With a background in small business and events management, who else but Steph could whip our stock planning systems into shape? Steph has been with Chemz for over three years, working with our stock, taking care of order dispatch and helping Chris out in the office. She’s an avid rugby fan and spends a lot of time in the great kiwi outdoors with her family which is one of her favourite happy places (apart from Chemz that is).
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Lucy Ives - Graphics & Marketing

Lucy Ives - Graphics & Marketing

Lucy is the Chemz graphic artist and marketer extraordinaire, turning our crazy ideas into innovative reality. She has spent many years working with local Hawke's Bay businesses to improve their marketing outcomes, online presence and photographic libraries - and now Chemz is the beneficiary of her skills and experience. Away from the office, Lucy is an avid photographer, enjoying all the Hawke's Bay landscape has to offer.
Bill Jennings – Lead Chemist

Bill Jennings – Lead Chemist

Nothing happens in the Chemz product development world without Bill being involved. He has been our Lead Chemist for the last 18 years and brings over 40 years’ experience in product development and technical services in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, OTC and aerosol contract manufacturing industries. He’s not called “Bill the Science Guy” for nothing…or was that Walt White??
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Prue Berry & Tiffany Berry - Directors

Tiffany Berry - Executive Manager
Prue Berry - Director

Prue and Tiffany went to school, university and had successful careers in Auckland, with Prue working in emergency services, the legal sector and tertiary education for the last 20 years, while Tiffany has been creating and running start-up companies in senior staff recruitment and online retail. They were both very excited to come on board with Chemz, working in Strategy & Planning and Commercial & Services respectively.
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Our Quality

Chemz stands by its reputation for technical excellence. Every can that comes off the production line is fully quality controlled and every formulation is tested and re-tested to ensure it will do the job it was designed to do.

Every step of production is monitored to ensure that a Chemz can performs and provides value for money. This quality assurance means you can confidently rely on a Chemz product to perform to standard every time. Chemz works with industrial chemists who are leaders in their field and who listen to the market, developing formulations to meet the specific requirements of New Zealand industry.

With a focus on quality outcomes, Chemz never compromises on production or material cost. Instead Chemz concentrates on strong Kiwi supply relationships where quality is valued as a moderator in a market dominated by overseas multinational companies.


Our Sustainability

Chemz has long been committed to environmentally conscious operations as a business model. NextGen is a collection of Chemz products which create less negative impact on people and the environment. Chemz also makes conscious decisions to use sustainable manufacturing practices wherever possible, including raw product sourcing. It actively participates in comprehensive recycling programmes and has implemented continual energy and water consumption reduction strategies in its production line.

The unique benefit of using Chemz products is the contribution to decreasing manufacturing miles. The closer to home a product is made, sold and used, the less negative impact on the world’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

By supporting a local industry like Chemz, kiwis can significantly reduce manufacturing miles and actively participate in New Zealand’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050.


Our Commitment to You

John Berry’s twin principles of quality and innovation are designed to support you, the customer. Chemz is committed to providing quality products and service to the New Zealand market.

  • Rather than expand internationally, Chemz chooses to remain local and anchor its time and expertise right here
  • Rather than outsource its sales and customer service to an overseas call centre, Chemz offers exceptional technical sales expertise and great customer service right here
  • Rather than remove its profit offshore to a multinational conglomerate, Chemz reinvests right here.


Our Future

Chemz is continually innovating with product ranges, distribution channels, engagement opportunities, sponsorships and different ways to support Kiwi industry. Part of our commitment to you is to continue our innovation strategy so you have products in market that meet your needs.

Chemz has an experienced Research and Development team who continue to identify new opportunities and collaborate with industry partners to bring products to you. The R&D team are also working to enhance and re-launch current products so they are more environmentally friendly while still delivering the quality Chemz is known for.

By partnering with New Zealand industry, Chemz can continue to lead the way with quality, innovation, information and commitment. That’s what matters.