Chemz Log Marker Spray is 100% Kiwi made at our state of the art facility in the Hawkes Bay and our formulations are designed specifically to cope with the varied and harsh conditions in New Zealand.

Chemz Log Marker Spray is custom formulated to stencil logs quickly and accurately with superior visibility. Our range is Low Toxicity which contains no Toulene (Xylene chlorinated solvent) or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) making it safer for your people and the environment.

Chemz all wet weather formula enables you to continue operating in adverse conditions. The flow rate and multipurpose nozzle on our aerosol cans allows the user to have more coverage on logs sprayed to lower marking costs through accurate marking.

Chemz has introduced a P Cap to the Log Marker Spray which means less plastic being used and disposed of in landfills. The smaller cap reduces the potential for the caps to be broken and lost by being much tougher and more robust.