Q: How can I ensure my marker aerosols don’t block up?

A: Turn the aerosol 180 degrees and spray until the nozzle is only spraying propellant. This will ensure no marker is in the tube / valve and won’t dry out and block the nozzle.

Q: What is the best way to store zinc sprays?

A: Upside down - this helps the zinc be ready to spray with minimal shaking. (Shaking IS STILL required to mix product)

Q: Where can’t I spray silicone?

A: Do not use silicone on any surface that you intend to paint. The paint will not bond to it. Therefore, paint first, allow to dry and apply silicone where required. (E.G: Vehicles, Windows, Cabinetry etc.)

Q: What is FoodGrade?

A: FoodGrade Aerosols are a range of products that are approved for use in the Food, Beverage or Packaging industry.  We have included the link to the MPI website for you to understand the rating system. Essentially the rating system outlines where you can use your product and what you must do before and after application.