Chemz Hi Viz Fluoro Marker is 100% Kiwi made at our state of the art facility in the Hawkes Bay and our formulations are designed specifically to cope with the varied and harsh conditions in New Zealand.

Chemz Hi Viz Fluoro Marking Paint is custom formulated to mark quickly and accurately with superior visibility. Our range is Low Toxicity which contains no Toulene (Xylene chlorinated solvent) or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) making it safer for your people and the environment.

It has a high opacity level which means colours are stronger and brighter which ensures high visibility on all common substrates.

Chemz has introduced a spray through cap to the Hi Viz Fluoro Marker Paint range which not only makes spraying even easier but the larger valve depression area reduces any finger contamination and joint stress. Combined with our lightweight NZ made spray wands this will help alleviate any potential back strains.